Thursday, April 09, 2020

Just Cause 4 Reloaded

The only game I've ever refunded on Steam is Just Cause 4.

I didn't even buy it launch. I waited a few months for several patches, played it, and it was still shit. Just Cause 3 was a top ten game of all-time for me. I mean:
--grappling hook
--parachute (to use with grappling hook)

It was fantastic, loads of fun, and it was absolutely beautiful. Eli 18.8 (then 14.5 or so) played through it all as well.

So there was literally no way they could screw up Just Cause 4. Just more of the same stuff and slightly better looking, and it's a 95 from me right away.

Somehow, though, they absolutely ruined it all.

The explosions were off. Physics felt way, way off. That's the core of the game, so screwing that up is a huge problem. Plus, it was fugly. It just looked terrible. The character models looked like late-era PS2 quality in many places. It was just unfathomable.

So I refunded.

Last week, though, I saw a key for $7 (I think at GMG). Plus, it's going to be free on the Epic Game Store next week.

Well, it had been a year and a half, so surely they fixed it, right?

Not really.

It still looks terrible. Physics are still way off. I see videos that Square Enix put out and they look nothing like the game I'm playing.

The story is goofy, but the story in Just Cause is always ridiculous, so that's not a big issue. But none of the big issues look like they've been fixed, even after over a year.

I said when the game was released in December 2018 that its current state was late alpha. There's no way the game ever should have been released at that time. Now it seems like they pumped out some DLC and made a halfhearted attempt to fix some things, but it's not nearly enough.

Hey, there's always Just Cause 5.

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