Monday, April 06, 2020

Thinking About Writing

I was trying to explain (to myself) this weekend how I'm trying to write in The Man You Trust. I  couldn't really figure it out until I started thinking about programming.

You've seen how many edited pages I have. I'm gone through pass after pass, simplifying diction, removing a sentence whenever I can, even removing individual words whenever possible. I'm trying very hard to remove any distractions between the me, the reader, and the page.

I realized that what I'm trying to do is write in assembly.

For instance, adverbs. There aren't many of them, and I'm constantly editing them out whenever possible. Every superfluous word needs to go.

I'm going to need a few readers (who didn't read the first version, and thanks to everyone who volunteered for that) in a day or so to read the revised first act (about 60 pages). I'd like to get impressions from someone who hasn't read it before. So if you like science fiction and can take the time, please let me know.

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