Thursday, May 14, 2020

Legs and Sons

I should have made that "Sons and Legs," but whatever.

Eli 18.9 got his grades for spring semester. 4.0, including an "A" in a senior-level Spanish class. He also won an award for his research and policy presentation. So that's a 4.0 for the year, and I'm really proud of him. It wasn't easy to stay on track from home, but he was very disciplined and set up a very effective schedule.

Barely being able to walk sucks. I did figure out that I can still do the core and upper body exercises from Ring Fit Adventure, though, which is helpful. My body feels gross after I don't work out for a few days.

Otherwise, it's all just a damn grind. Working on the book every morning, trying to look after the calf injury. I blame The Covid. Oh, at least we rediscovered Hnefetafl and we're playing every day now. That's a bonus.

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