Friday, July 03, 2020

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, a magnificent story from my finest friend Mike: Why He Kayaked Across the Atlantic at 70 (for the third time).

This video is astonishing. I'm exhausted just watching it: DH Urban Bike-Comuna 13.

From Ken Piper and this is a stunning story: The Accidental Feminist: Fifty years ago a Southern segregationist made sure the Civil Rights Act would protect women. No joke.

This is long overdue: Japanese Football Team Has A Thomas The Tank Engine Shirt.

One of the most bizarre articles I've ever read: My Little Pony Fans Are Ready to Admit They Have a Nazi Problem.

These are entirely delightful: Re-imagining ALIEN as a Pixar film.

This is remarkable: Digital synesthesia: Tricking your brain into experiencing smell as temperature in virtual reality.

From C. Lee, and it's an amazing story: How a humble Tennessee scientist became a worldwide hero amid coronavirus pandemic. this is fantastic: Hobbies to Hone While Hunkering Down, With Help From Public TV. This is incredible: Can you 3D print Damascus steel? Pretty much, yeah. This is a disaster: Police arrested wrong man based on facial recognition fail, ACLU says. A remarkable bit of research: Mt. Asamayama eruption in 1108 may have led to famine in Europe. This is happening in China, but it seems like a great idea everywhere: For Those Getting Married, a Searchable Domestic Violence Database. Oh, the humanity: The virus didn’t stop a Washington socialite from throwing a backyard soiree. Then the tests came back positive.

From Shimmering Geek, and it's incredible: The Miracle Sudoku.

From Wally, and it's an "inside baseball" look at what restaurants have to go through before they reopen during the Age of Covid: How a Restaurant Reopens, Here you go, LOTR nerds: Lord Of The Rings: 10 Movie References Only Fans Of The Books Understood. This is mime strong: Luggage Handling.

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