Monday, September 14, 2020


When I went to see Eli 19.1 two weeks ago, we spent some time in an amazing comic/board game shop in Ann Arbor. 

It was huge, and the selection was both high-quality and enormous.

Eli spent a long time looking at Catan Starfarers, which is (obviously) Settlers of Catan in space. He played Settlers with his friends several times this summer and really enjoyed it, so he was interested in the spacefaring version.

It was expensive, though. $90, if I remember correctly. Not in his budget, or mine. 

He called me on Saturday.

"Hey, remember that Catan game in space?" he asked. 

"I do," I said. 

"They had a drawing at the store. It only cost a $5 donation to a children's charity for a ticket."

My brain came unhinged all at once. 

"You-you-I." I was spluttering. 

Eli burst out laughing. "You can't even get the words out!"

"I can't-what-" by this time, I was laughing so hard I couldn't even talk, and so was he. 

"They called me this morning and I won," he said. Then he starts laughing again, and so do I. There's just laughter on the phone, and the longer we laugh, the funnier it gets. 

Finally, I take several deep breaths. "I don't even have words," I said. "HOW DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING TO YOU?"

It's been like this his entire life. We have no answers.

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