Thursday, October 08, 2020

Friday Links!

Crows are astonishing, really: Brainiacs, not birdbrains: Crows possess higher intelligence long thought a primarily human attribute

These are magnificent: Drone Photo Awards 2020.

This is an important video if you want to be more aware of why the current state of policing in the U.S. is so messed up (it's always been messed up): The Origins of Policing in America.

This is so incredibly adorable: Baby loves a nice head massage! 

Don't blink: Falcon takes out duck at 340km/h.

From Wally, and the thought process is particularly interesting: The Stakes Are High — Scotch Bottle Puzzle Solved.

From Guy Byars, and it's terrifying: Simulation of a Nuclear Blast in a Major City.

This is both amazing and somewhat dystopian: Augmented reality goggles for military working dogs could let handlers give them commands remotely.

From David Gloier, and this could be incredible: The wreck of the WWII steamship Karlsruhe may hold lost Russian treasure.

Eric Higgins-Freese, and it could be very useful if it works for you: Combat Fatigue With the Army's 'Aggressive Napping' Strategy.

Closing out with the customary bundle of fantastic links from C. Lee, First, a cautionary tale about ignoring radicalism: The Joke's On Us. An origin story: Ski, party seed a pandemic: the travel rules that let COVID-19 take flight. This is fantastic: Jet suit trial for Great North Air Ambulance paramedics. This is fascinating, although it comes with a healthy amount of speculation (says the self-control guy): How self-control can actually unleash your dark side. These are quite beautiful: Yukino Ohmura Uses Stationery Store Stickers to Create Dazzling Nightscapes.

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