Wednesday, December 30, 2020


We were watching a bowl game. Two rando teams with some kind of food tie-in. 

"Would reindeers take a Toradol shot to be able to compete on Christmas Eve?" I asked. 

"They only play one day a year, so I guess they probably would," Eli 18.4 said.

"How do you think Santa drafts reindeers?"

"Do you mean does he draft natural athletes or students of the game?" Eli asked. 

"Exactly. And does Santa draft the best available athlete or does he draft for need?"

"What kind of reindeer does he need to fill out a sled? Eli asked. 

"Well, you definitely need great athletes, and they have to have endurance," I said. "But the reindeer near the sleigh need to be able to respond to Santa's commands."

"They might have to make line calls, like offensive lineman."

"Right," I said. "So they definitely have to be students of the game. Coach's sons, maybe."

"Santa has to manage the sleigh, too. What weight of presents can he carry without impacting performance?"

"There are so many simulation aspects here that it could totally be turned into a game. "Sleigh Manager 2020" would work."

"I'd buy that," Eli said. 

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