Wednesday, February 22, 2006

EA and Current-Gen Game Prices

EA announced today that they're cutting the price of NEW releases for current-gen systems to $39.95.

As I say occasionally--uh oh.

From the New York Times (thanks David Gloier)
SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 21 — In a sign of the video game industry's continuing struggles, Electronic Arts said on Tuesday that it planned to sell its much-awaited Godfather video game next month for $39.95, which is 20 percent less than it typically prices new games.

That's a very bad sign, when your flagship game is being discounted before it even comes out. Especially if it's because of this:
...some industry analysts have wondered whether Electronic Arts has failed to create a compelling game and is using the transition as an excuse to drop its price. Recently, some Wall Street analysts have questioned whether the company has lost its creative touch and has been thriving by selling sequels of sports franchises, like its Madden football game, rather than creating enticing new concepts.

RECENTLY? Hey, they lost the touch several years ago, at least. Um, and the sports sequels generally suck, unfortunately.

Now if EA can't sell its most anticipated game for more than $39.95, don't think anybody else can, either. The current-gen fire sale is officially in full swing.

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