Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Maybe the Greatest Innovation Ever

From Fortune Small Business
Thanks to Diana's Homegrown, a startup in tiny Lemitar, N.M. (pop. 200), you may soon have to consult an instruction manual before biting into your lunchtime sandwich.

...What makes the sandwich distinct from other pre-made fare is this: The filling stays away from the bread, in a polymer pouch. That pouch is hermetically sealed and placed inside a hand-cut trench in a French roll. Keeping the filling and the bread separated prevents bacterial invaders from spoiling the ingredients and the bread from absorbing liquid. Diana's Homegrown wraps and seals the sandwich in a plastic baggie with a red tab poking out of the top. When the day comes for devouring, the hungry user tugs that rip cord, which deploys the sandwich filling onto the bread.

Are you kidding me? I get to pull a rip cord and DEPLOY sandwich filling? Oh, and it lasts--unrefrigerated--for a month. Freaking genius. I'd fill up my cube with those bad boys. Then, when I got hungry, I could just deploy some ham and cheese.

It is, in fact, the laziest sandwich ever. For me, a dream come true.

Yes, I immediately searched for a website so that I could place an order, but they don't have one yet. A dream deferred.

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