Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Freaking Unbelievable

DQ reader Mike Rozek sent me links to one of the most remarkable and inspirational stories I've seen in a long, long time.

It starts out as a story that seems to have become not uncommon in the last few years: "mentally disabled kid scores basket." Kid scores, everyone cries, everyone hugs. It was unique and heart-wrenching the first time, but then it seemed to start happening everywhere, and these kinds of stories are covered in such drippingly sentimental terms that it (unfortunately) almost turns them into parody.

Except that's not really the story here. Yes, the kid was autistic, but he was the team trainer for four years. And when they put him in the game, he not only scored, he scored TWENTY POINTS in four minutes. How does six for seven from three-point range sound? And it's not like he was wide open every time, either--the kid really has a beautiful shot.

It's a terrific story, and the video (part of the second link) is just jaw-dropping. I meant it when I said the kid can really shoot. He absolutely kicked ass.

Here are the links: (with video).

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