Monday, July 17, 2006

On Hands And What's On Them

E, who writes a wonderful blog called Star Spangled Haggis, has termed me into a germophile.

Wait, that's not right. That would mean I have an expansive appreciation of germs. I'm not buying new germ hardware like a videophile would buy the latest plasma screen.

Germophobic. That's what I mean. Except that's not a word. Don't ask me why.

"Mysophobic" is the word I'm looking for, even though I'm not in the least afraid of Mysos.

Anyway, I'm about a hundred times more conscious about germs than I used to be. So we're all in the doctor's office today (minor Eli appointment) and for some reason we go off on a tangent (big surprise) and start talking about germs. The doctor said that he had read a study that indicated over 98% of the bacteria on our hands were under our fingernails.

So if you fear catching a disease from someone (cue Howard Hughes watching Ice Station Zebra in a darkened room), wash thoroughly under your fingernails.

Thus concludes today's health bulletin.

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