Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Eli 5.0

Eli's started inventing words. They're good words, too--words that should exist, but don't. Like "prettiful," as in "you're really prettiful today." Or "funnable," as when choosing between two things--"that's more funnable."

Plus he's picked up "hooty" from me, as in "well, don't get all hooty about it."

Yesterday, we were on our way to lunch and I mentioned how hot it was outside. "Man, it's scorching today," I said.

I think I used the word "scorching" a couple of times while we were eating, and when we got back to the car and were on our way home, he said "Man, it's HOT today!"

"It sure is," I said.

"I mean REALLY hot," he said. "It's SUCKING!"

"Do you mean scorching?" I asked.

"Of course!" he said.

Gloria bought some scones and brought them home. Eli loves scones, but they have to be a certain size (small), and a certain shape (round), and a certain flavor (plain, which doesn't sound like it should be a flavor at all).

"Can I have a scone?" Eli asked.

"Sure," Gloria said. She handed Eli a scone. He looked at it with alarm.

"Where's the little scone?" he asked.

"They didn't have any at the store," Gloria said. "These are the same flavor."

"I don't want it," Eli said, disappointed. He handed it back to her.

"Little man," I said, "you like lollipops, right?"

"OH, YEAH!" he said.

"And you've had big lollipops and small lollipops, right?"


"And did they taste different because of their size?" I asked.


"So shouldn't the big scone taste like the small scone?"

Eli 5.0 looked at me for a moment, and I could tell from the look on his face that he realized how I'd set him up. He shook his finger at me and said "Dad, you are crazily wacked."

On Sunday, he crawled into bed with us about 7 a.m. He's always very affectionate in the morning when he first sees us, particularly with Gloria. He's little Mr. Love Child--sort of. So he put his arms around Gloria and gave her a big hug (their faces very close), saying "Mommie, I love you SO MUCH!" Then he followed up that touching moment (less than a second later) by shouting "ARGGGHHH! You got your NOSE BREATH on me!"

Nose breath. Yuck.

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