Thursday, August 10, 2006

Gaming Links: Birds of a Feather

Well, the first two are birds of a feather, anyway.

First up, from David Dunwoody, a link to a sailplane/soaring simulator called "Condor: The Competition Soaring Simulator." It's apparently got quite a buzz going in the flight-sim community, as the flight model is highly advanced and quite sophisticated. No demo, unfortunately, but here's a link to the game's website. David also mentioned that there's an active racing community online.

Shane Courtrille sent me a link to a Flash game flight simulator--that uses Google Maps. It's called "Goggles," and it makes me wonder why a commercial flight simulator hasn't reached an agreement with Google to incorporate their data. Here's the link.

Next, from Russ Poe, a link to a preview of an amazing looking game titled "Theatre of War." I don't think I can even describe it in a way that does it justice, because you need to see the screenshots, which will blow you away. Here's the link.

Finally, Derek Mirdala sent me a link to a comic about Dead Rising, and if you're playing the game, it is right up your alley: Hooked on Polygon.

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