Friday, December 22, 2006

A Few GHII Notes

Eli 5.4 was playing Guitar Hero II while I was mounting the case fan. He played for about five minutes, then said "Daddy, I'm stopping--my arm is all rock 'n roll twisted."

I played the original Guitar Hero for a few minutes tonight, taking two passes at The Donna's song Take It Off on Expert, and I was shocked by how slow it felt. That was a fast song in the first game, and it felt almost pedestrian now. It was also almost impossible for me to do hammer-ons and pull-offs, which I do with ease in the new game. So Guitar Hero II is definitely faster and more complex than the first game, but the addition of practice mode and better HO/PO timing compensates.

And I still SUCK at Cowboys From Hell on Expert. 29 out of 30 freaking songs passed and I bet I never even sniff passing that song. I'll never get out of the opening riff.

I did slog my way up to 55% completion on Rock This Town on Expert. That is a nasty, nasty song.

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