Thursday, July 24, 2008

3-D: Standards

The future, on its way:
The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers is starting a significant initiative that could help to propel the stereoscopic 3-D home entertainment industry forward.

The international standards-setting body will create 3-D mastering standards for content that will be viewed in the home -- for all devices and delivery methods.

...According to the SMPTE plan, the society will first establish an industry task force to define the parameters of a mastering standard for 3-D content distributed via broadcast, cable, satellite, packaged media and the Internet, and played-out on televisions, computer screens and other tethered displays. In six months, the 3-D Home Display Formats Task Force will produce a report that defines the issues and challenges, minimum standards, and evaluation criteria.

The society will then form a standards committee, which will use the report as a working document for standards setting efforts to follow. This is a complex process that takes time, and Aylsworth -- who is vp, technology at Warner Brothers Technical Operations -- estimated that the standard is at least a year and a half away.

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