Monday, July 28, 2008

Music Wars Rebirth

From Gary Gorski and Wolverine Studios:
Wolverine Studios, a developer of simulation games, is excited to provide the first details about our upcoming music industry simulation Music Wars Rebirth.

Music Wars Rebirth will contain the following features:
--Check out the “interactive mode” and see how critics and audiences react to your artist’s material.
--Realistic record sales across six locations - sales are influenced by population, economy and seasonal trends.
--Send your artists into the studio to craft an award winning record or strategically have them rush out their next release to capitalize on market trends.
--Extensive discography and history of bands to track any artist’s career from start to finish.
--Arrange your band’s next local or international tour or have them participate in music festivals in hopes of reaching new audiences.
--Detailed and realistic music charts to track the weekly progress of your record releases.
--Release your greatest hits, albums, and singles across six regions (USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, and Japan.)
--Executive control over your band’s writing process; choose the song writers, the genre, subject and more.
--Manage every detail of the recording process from the studio to the producer and decide which songs make the final cut.
--Strategically decide the best way to promote your upcoming releases whether it’s a costly advertising campaign, a national tour or a run through the media circuit.
-- Oversee the financial aspects of your record label and see what you need to do to stay out of the red.
--In game editor that allows you to create and mod your own music universe. Customize everything from artists to song titles.

Antuan Johnson is the developer of Music Wars, and the features remind me of a sport sim version of the music industry. No word yet on release dates.

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