Friday, August 06, 2010

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, from Brad Gehrig, a fantastic bit of ongoing research into photo tampering throughout history. It's completely fascinating.

From Sirius: as it turns out, the Lusitania was carrying an estimated four million rounds of ammunition. Also, at the highest reaches of the Department Of Stupid, it's Illinois Town Wants To Outlaw Eye Rolling. Next, it's the stories behind your favorite movie theater candy. Wait, she's not doine yet, and this next link is a doozy: the Triceratops dinosaur never existed.

From Keith Ganey, an interview with Tarn Adams over at PC Gamer.

From Edward Quinn, another Jay-Z parody: Granite State Of Mind.

From Michael O'Reilly, a story about the fate of the last roll of Kodachrome film.

From Stephen Abel (hippo), a terrific link with some amazing images: The Longest Photographic Exposures In History.

From George Politis, and this has to be seen, it's a 70 gigapixel photograph of Budapest.

From Andrew B, absolutely the greatest case mod you've ever seen. Also, and this is entirely supersonic, it's the Super Megason IV game machine.

From Jarod, and this must be photograph link, a beautiful collection of Photoshopped images that meld WWII with today. Also, there are more here.

From Kevin W, a business card that's also a model kit. Awesome!

From Jonin, one of the greatest catches in baseball history (Japanese or otherwise).

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