Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Links!

Here's a very special link to start off with: Anniversary of Gagarins Historic Space Flight . It's the audio of Yuri Gagarin's flight dubbed over orbital footage from the ISS. It's totally ingenious and quite wonderful.

This is at least one hundred kinds of genius: Rebecca Black's "Friday", as performed by Bob Dylan . How can anyone hate that song when it's launched a thousand parodies?

From Brian Dupuis, a man cleaning out a cobra pit. It's nothing short of incredible.

From Steven Kreuch, a spectacular place to live: former Cement Factory is now workspace and residence.

From Patrick O'Brien, and this is one of the coolest music improvisation dealios I've ever seen: Nothing Is True.

From Don Barree, and you just need to see the pictures, it's extreme dog grooming contests.

From C. Lee, a sobering link (but also fascinating viewing): How the 2011 Japan tsunami happened.

From Sirius, a spectacular development in technology: New engine sends shock waves through auto industry.

From Jeremy Fischer, it's Bach Cantata #147 presented in a way that is mind-blowingly cool.

Joseph Holley sent in a video link that's a guided tour of arthroscopic shouler surgery.

From DQ Legal Advisor Lee Rawles, the discovery of one of the most amazing waves in the world.

From Johan Lindh, and if you want to see somebody kick ass on the guitar, go watch this. I'm completely blown away by how "quiet" his hands are.

From Jonathan Arnold, and this is completely fantastic, the story of a WOW player who reached level 80-- without killing anything. Also, and I think the title says it all: 52 Things You’ll Only See In America.

Here's a fantastic link for you sports fans: How a Danish tech company is revolutionizing pitching data. These guys can measure (in RPM) the spin of a curveball.

From DQ reader My Wife, a video that might kill you with its cute: Cat and Dolphins playing together.

From Gerry Palmer, an amazing discovery: British Museum Wants To Lift A Rare World War Two Era German Dornier 17 Bomber.

From George Paci, and this is remarkably bizarre, it's meat-eating furniture.

Luke Stephens sent in a link to his blog, Every Girl I've Ever Kissed.

I'm ending with another incredibly gripping but incredibly sad link from Michael M., and while this video is spellbinding, it's also very, very difficult to watch: tsunami video.

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