Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tom Chick: This Sucks

Tom Chick, a landmark figure in gaming journalism and criticism, announced on the most recent Qt3 Movie Podcast (around the 1:20:00 mark) that he has Stage 4 hypopharyngeal cancer.

In case you're wondering exactly what that is, here's a description from Wikipedia:
Hypopharyngeal Cancer is a disease in which malignant cells grow in the hypopharynx (the area where the larynx and esophagus meet).

This is a particularly difficult and dangerous kind of cancer, both because of its location and because it's rarely detected early. Tom says in the podcast that his doctors said his treatment regimen has an 80% chance of a cure, but it's not like a board game where you'd take those odds every time because it would all even out in the long run. He has to make the roll or there is no  long run.

This is stunning news for everyone. Tom is a gaming legend, both for his long and distinguished writing career as well as his creation and curation of Quarter to Three, which is one of the most intelligent gaming communities in existence.

His treatment is going to be arduous and expensive, and a Fundgate project has been set up if you would like to donate: Tom Chick Beats Cancer.

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