Thursday, February 09, 2017

Still Struggling, So Please Enjoy These Photos

Eli 15.6 went to the dentist yesterday (checkup), and while he was there, they measured and weighed him.

Instead of 137 pound of fury, he's now 141 pounds of fury. 5'11 1/2". He told the nurse that he just couldn't seem to get to six feet, and she said "No one on earth has size 15 feet and is five eleven and a half. Don't worry."

Yeah, those are large.

Also in the category of "large" is the bobblehead I saw in the Penguins practice facility merchandise shop.

That's three feet tall, in case you're wondering. I'm a huge Matt Murray fan, but even I can't figure out the market for this.

There was a nice Mario Lemieux exhibit at the practice facility (it's named after him), and here are the two panels documenting his early days (click on for a larger image that should be readable):

In closing, let's class this up a bit:

Yes, the lumberjack Valentine. Long overdue.

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