Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Better Late Than Never

I've been playing quite a bit of UnderMine lately.

It's a run around, shoot stuff, find stuff, eat stuff game. Looks like this:

Yeah, it's a little dark underground. Not everywhere, though. 

UnderMine has plenty of positives. Interesting creatures with varied attack patterns, lots of items to find, blessings, curses, gold, and dogs for petting. 

Plus, the animation is smooth. So smooth. 

I've gotten (by my meager standards) fairly good at this game. I get into the flow state pretty quickly now, which is always an amazing experience. 

My entire life, I've always looked at where I was moving, and when I took a ranged shot, I always looked at where the shot was going until it landed. 

I've always done it like this. And it's wrong. 

What I've discovered in the last few days is that I've been looking at the wrong things. I need to be watching where enemies are going, not my character, and I need to be looking at where shots are coming from, not where they're going. 

This has made a huge difference in my skill level. 

I know, it's a "duh" moment for a lot of you, but man, it was revelatory for me.

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