Thursday, April 29, 2021

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, and it's brilliant because it's McSweeney's: Vaccine Side Effect, or Have You Just Been Alive For Forty Years?

From C. Lee, and it's a fantastic obituary: A Toast to Jim Steinman: The Songwriting Powder Keg Who Kept Giving Off Sparks. Plus, two of Steinman's best: Streets of Fire: Collector’s Edition: Nowhere Fast and Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young. Remarkable, potentially: ‘Our biggest challenge? Lack of imagination’: the scientists turning the desert green. My hero: Kati Kariko Helped Shield the World From the Coronavirus. Argh, so much conflicting research over the years: Ice for Sore Muscles? Think Again. Interesting (some people approach writing this way, too): When asked to fix something, we don’t even think of removing parts. Not my favorite: How the Hime Haircut Took Over the Internet in 2021. Millions and millions of people are selfish idiots, and look what it got us: How Covid Upended a Century of Patterns in U.S. Deaths.

From Wally, and it's crazy: Crazy Man Cuts 100 Ft California Palm Tree. I mean, he's not wrong: Nailed It: Ikea Employee Is A Hero To All Retail Employees! I Used To Be Happy, Until You Walked In. Incredibly, we planned to invade Brazil in WWII: Plan Rubber.

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