Monday, September 20, 2021

The Shot

We had a tee time at 4:20.

Eli 20.1 met me at the course. He waved when he saw me and we walked to the first tee. That's when he noticed my socks:

He started laughing. "Of course you wore those," he said. 

"I feel like Cheech and Chong is the only appropriate way to celebrate our tee time," I said. 

We've discovered a brilliant opportunity on our little public golf course, but unfortunately, we only figured it out about two weeks before he leaves for England. The 9th hole at Trails is an uphill, 224 yard par 3. It's the most difficult hole on the course. 

The ninth hole is also adjoined by the driving range (on the right side), and huge nets are stretched down the border between them. I'm guessing they're about 120 feet high.

The netting looks something like this (how did I not get a picture?):

Eli hit a ball far enough to the right to bounce off the nets last week. 

"You know," I said, "theoretically--"

"We could hit off those nets onto the green," Eli said. 

"It would be the greatest shot in the history of golf," I said. 

The variables are daunting. How far down to hit on the net? How high? What velocity? Given the degree of precision required, I think I'd have to hit a driver through a space the size of a living room. 

Maybe a bathroom. 

It's not likely, but we still have two weeks. There are cash prizes on the line.

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