Thursday, September 16, 2021

Wooly Mammoths

Well, we're doing this again: Return of the mammoth? George Church-backed company launches with $15 million for elephant-sized quest.

Not cloning, because cloning a mammoth at this point is impossible. This is using CRISPR for gene editing. 

It's spearheaded by George Church, who is absolutely a credible scientist, so I think this has to be taken seriously. 

Some people are upset, of course, because some people are always upset. But be honest: who wants to see a wooly mammoth?

Everyone. It would be awesome. 

Would you hang out with someone who was against bringing back wooly mammoths? Hell, no. You would never hang out with that person, and neither would anyone else. They'd have a bunch of strange ornaments on their lawn, which never got mowed, and it would be the house that everyone walks across the street to avoid. 

I mean, come on, people. We have to draw the line somewhere. 


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