Monday, January 03, 2022


"All right, let's do this!" Eli 20.4 said. 

"This" was doing 10 pushups a minute for 10 minutes, which is part of a regular workout for him. 

I started off with 8. "I'm going to work my way down to medical emergency."

After the third set (I was at 21 total), he said, "Let's get some music going!"

"Have you ever heard the greatest Prince song?" I asked. 

"Not that kind of music!" he shouted. Everything he said during this 10 minutes was shouted, because he was trying to drag me along with sheer enthusiasm. 

After 8 minutes, I was at 49. "I'm going to try to do 61," I said. "One more than my age. If we could swap ages, that would be really helpful."

He banged out another set of 10 in about 10 seconds. I struggled. 

"Take me to the arm hospital," I said. 

He burst out laughing and dropped to the floor. "Stop that! Focus!" 

I finished with 61 and went straight to the medicine cabinet. "Preventative Advil," I said. I also put an ice pack on my chest (left pec, always a problem).

Now I just need someone to brush my teeth for a week.

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