Tuesday, August 16, 2022


You've got to be kidding me: Richard Garriott's NFT MMO entreats you to 'buy land in the realm of Lord British'.

Richard Garriott has become the gaming equivalent of the band a-ha, a one-idea wonder releasing albums entirely consisting of alternate versions of "Take on Me." It would just be sad if he wasn't taking money from people. 

I think I finally understand people like Richard Garriott and Peter Molyneux. They're legitimately creative, innovative people who once made games to make games. Now they make games to support their lifestyle. It's life as a microtransaction, and it fouls any creative thought they have. 

Let me predict the course of this project in just a few sentences. Very soon, Garriott will breathlessly announce that X million in "land" has been sold in this exciting new venture (it will be a lie, but it's necessary to make other people feel like they're missing out). Development will start, and will proceed at a pace that's fast enough to maintain the pace of land sales. At some point, after maximum money has been extracted from the public, the project will shut down and various factors will be blamed (negative publicity, unfortunate events, meteors).

Within two years, a new project will be announced. And so it goes.

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