Thursday, August 18, 2022

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, and what a read, it's The Crypto Geniuses Who Vaporized a Trillion Dollars

This is terrific: Tokyo's most unusual electronics shop closes its doors after 62 years

This is quite fantastic (and what a finale this week): Better Call Saul Gameboy'd

This is a wonderful, poignant essay: Pirates of Kaddha Market.

From Wally, and it's amazing: Building the ultimate D&D Table: Dungeons and Dados. Like a 100-car pileup on the interstate: Bikers Slide Down Mountain of Hell! Having fun for money sounds great until it isn't: Burnout turned Twitch streamers' dreams of playing games full time into nightmares. Secret Agent Vac-007: ‘Ask all the time: why do I need this?’ How to stop your vacuum from spying on you

From C. Lee, and it's a thoughtful essay: If “Content is King” then perhaps it’s time for a coup. This is an absolutely mesmerizing read: After the Zodiac Killer's '340' Cipher Stumped the FBI, Three Amateurs Made a Breakthrough. Not surprising: The Billionaire's Dilemma: Marc Andreeson says he's all for more new housing, but public records tell a different story. Irony: Californians and Other Americans are Flooding Mexico City. Some locals want them to go home. Well, yuck: Fecal fountains: CDC warns of diarrheal outbreaks linked to poopy splash pads. A great word to add to your vocabulary: City tells New Yorkers: don’t panic about ‘splooting’ squirrels.

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