Thursday, August 25, 2022

Poesia Por Amor

Eli 20.0 told me a lovely story while he was packing for school.
In Bogota, at the edge of a large square, were two men in their 20s sitting at a table with manual typewriters in front of them. There was a sign: poesia por amor, which means "poems for love."

He explained that using "por" was clever, because it has several meanings, all of which add nuance instead of just the simple meaning "for." 

What they did was write a love poem for you, presumably to give to your loved one. You gave them the name and the circumstances, and they'd write a love poem in 3-5 minutes, pull it out of the typewriter, and it was yours. 

Eli said there were never less than a dozen people in line, and usually more than twenty. An hour wait for a love poem, modestly priced. 

It seems like a bargain to me. 

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