Wednesday, September 21, 2022


There's some kind of construction project going at a house on a cross street near where I live. 

It's the closest cross street, and there's a trailer parked on the curb. Behind it is always a huge black truck. It's been like this for weeks now. 

In the back window of the huge black truck are white letters at least a foot high: "PRO-AMERICA," and below that, "ANTI-BIDEN."

Okay, then. 

Driving or walking past this truck every day is annoying. What kind of person is so desperate for attention that they use their truck to yell at everyone? 

That's a rabbit hole that no one should go down. Believe me. 

Yesterday, though, I had a sudden revelation. No matter how loud this guy is, now matter how much he screams, my quiet, little vote is going to totally cancel his out. 

Even better than that, I'm sure he's too lazy to find out which judges to vote for (because they won't have a party affiliation on the ballot), so it's not just cancelling, it's cancelling+. 

Realizing that was a happy moment. Keep yelling, jerk. 

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