Wednesday, November 09, 2022

A Story

Eli 21.3 has been teaching a class this fall. 

It's unusual, but not unprecedented. Each year, a few seniors are selected to design a curriculum and submit it for consideration. 

Eli's class is on peacebuilding, of course, and he spent a huge amount of time designing material he thought would be engaging. 

The classes taught by seniors don't last as long (eight weeks instead of twelve, I think, though I'm not  totally sure), so his last class was taught this week. 

One of his students emailed him and asked if they could keep going. 

He took a survey and over 90% of the class wants to continue to meet each week until the end of fall term in December. 

Feeling like you're providing something of value to people on a subject you care deeply about is a way to be happy in life. 

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