Thursday, November 30, 2023

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, and it's absolutely wonderful, it's Ingenious maker builds underwater maze to entertain his brilliant pet octopus (video).

From Wally, and maybe it's time for a junket: U.S. airlines lose 2 million suitcases a year. Where do they all go? Instead of, you know, providing assistance: NYC is Building Anti-Homeless Streets… Tip of the iceberg (or spear): Sports Illustrated Published Articles by Fake, AI-Generated Writers

From Kevin Womack, and it's a thoughtful deep dive into the future of publishing: Brandon Sanderson's Doom And Gloom Predictions!

From C. Lee, and it's not encouraging: World on pace to blow past Paris climate targets, UN says. I'd be happy to have one up here: ‘You can walk around in a T-shirt’: how Norway brought heat pumps in from the cold. I mean, it's a fair question: Does Australia exist? Well, that depends on which search engine you ask … An excellent read: Omicron, Now 2 Years Old, Is Not Done With Us Yet. A terrific point: Why We’re Still Breathing Dirty Indoor Air. An epic takedown: The Great American Novel That Wasn’t. From the impeccable Digital Antiquarian: Putting the “J” in the RPG, Part 1: Dorakue! I'm a fan, generally (of ramen, not inflation): Cost-of-living crisis fuels global appetite for instant ramen. This is a wonderful read: Life Lessons with Momofuku: Patron Saint of Instant Noodles and Late Bloomers

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