Monday, August 09, 2004

Texas Cage Match: Web Cartoonists vs. Syndicated Cartoonists

[This originally borked the sidebars because the link to the discussion was so long, so I edited to split the link into two pieces. That means it pops back up to the top of the page, but it's not the most recent new item. There are new posts below this.]

Tycho of Penny Arcade mentioned today that Scott Kurtz, author of web-comic PvP (, is going to offer his strip to newspapers--for free. It's an interesting idea and has significant ramifications for cartoonists if he's successful. What's most interesting, though, is a link that Tycho includes to a forum discussion at, where 'newspaper' cartoonists generally go into apoplexy over the idea. The deterioration of the debate into a relative free-for-all is pretty fascinating and makes for good reading.

Because the link is so long, I'm splitting it up:

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