Monday, August 16, 2004

Ukrainian Internet Brides, Part II

Believe it or not.

I got an e-mail from a good friend of mine (who will not be named, due to the nature of his disclosure) who said he thought he knew who I had seen at the doctor's office. Well, we compared notes and it wasn't her, which means that there are multiple Ukrainian Internet brides floating around town here.

He saw this woman at a family reunion, where she had just married a distant relative. His description of the scene at the reunion was very funny--the woman was apparently absolutely smoking hot, so the men adored her and the women were furious. The men were basically commanded by their wives to ignore her under threat of death, although we all know that order wouldn't be carried out.

I also wanted to note one thing about my original post. I reported the dialogue accurately, but I did some comic speculation for the sake of humor (allegedly). I had no way of knowing the lady's intentions, and she did seem fond of the older, doughy guy.

Marriage is pretty much a crapshoot anyway, based on all the statistics I've ever seen, so I'm sure some of those marriages work wonderfully well. I'm happy if two people can find each other and be happy together. That's difficult and complicated enough without putting artificial constraints on how people can meet.

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