Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Here's an anecdote to help you understand how impossibly brilliant ESPN NFL 2K5 is this year. I'm playing the Raiders in the first game of the season. I like playing defensive tackle on defense, and early in the first quarter I break through on a rush and bear down on the quarterback. I make a mistake and hit the tackle button early, so instead of hitting the QB in the chest I hit him low--right at the knees. I grimaced when I did it, even on a video game, because that's a dangerous hit in real life--you can blow out somebody's knee that way.

After the play ends, the freaking medical cart comes out on the field. The quarterback is hurt. Later in the quarter, as they show the QB on the sideline, he grimaces as his knee is manipulated by the trainer. The Suzy Kolber voiceover confirms that and says that his return is 'doubtful.'

I check the injury report after the game. Torn MCL. Out 23 weeks.


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