Tuesday, September 28, 2004

No Safety Merit Badges Were Awarded

The last time we went to a movie, it was raining as we drove to the theater. There was also the sound of thunder in the distance.

We pulled into to the parking lot, and as Gloria got out of the car, she opened her umbrella.

"What are you doing with an umbrella?" I asked. "There might be lightning."
"The rain messes up my hair," she said.
"Let me try this again," I said. "There might be lightning."
"It's just a little walk," she said. I started moving away, and when I was about twenty yards to her left she shouted "What are you doing?"
"Here's the headline in tomorrow morning's paper," I said. "LOCAL WOMAN KILLED BY LIGHTNING STRIKE. CLEVER HUSBAND ESCAPES INJURY."
"Don't be ridiculous," she said. "Walk over here with me."
"I don't believe in getting struck by lightning as a family," I shouted, still moving away. I kept my distance until we reunited at the ticket booth. I got the look.

I've already forgotten the movie.

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