Friday, September 17, 2004

Wild Horses, Couldn't Drag Me Away

Tonight Gloria and I went out to dinner. The restaurant had this gigantic painting hanging behind the bar. It was at least ten feet wide and five feet high, and it dwarfed everything else in the room.

This painting was of wild horses. Actually, that's not correct. It was a painting of the asses of wild horses, mainly, and for that reason alone it was quite remarkable. Enormous asses. Surely they were imported from Brobdingnag.

I'm not sure what the artist was thinking. Perhaps he had some unique ass-painting skill but was decidedly mediocre with heads and flanks, or maybe he got tired of painting a canvas the size of Milwaukee and decided to fill in all remaining gaps with asses.

It made quite an emotional impact on me. Horses' asses, running wild and free.

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