Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The Great Idea

We went to get the mail yesterday. As a family.

It was just the four of us: Gloria, myself, Eli 3.3, and the grill. The Little Tikes Grill n' Glow Electronic BBQ, with wheels. "Hey! I have a GREAT IDEA!" Eli 3.3 said. The GREAT IDEA comes frequently now, several hundred times a day. "I'll take this grill with us--TO GET THE MAIL!"

If you don't have kids and think this sounds strange, just wait. You'll find out for yourself someday.

So off we go, in gale force winds as a cold front is coming through, with Eli 3.3 pushing the grill. I saw a house blow by, but he was in no hurry. It was getting colder, and quickly, but he remained unflappable, and when I said that we should speed it up because of the cold, he said "Wait a minute! I have a GREAT IDEA! I'll warm you up!"

Then he turned the knob on the plastic grill and little plastic coals glowed red and hissed. In the pretend world, I was warm almost instantly. And hungry for a steak.

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