Thursday, December 09, 2004

Goofy 3.4

Eli 3.4 went to see Disney on Ice last weekend. He saw Goofy careen across the ice and fall on his ass, and at that moment he was immediately and completely enraptured. Now, approximately fifty times a day (a conservative estimate), he pretends to be skating, then hurls himself to the floor. And thinks it's the funniest thing in the world.

"Daddy! Daddy, watch this!" he says, and off he goes. His 'skating' resembles a sideways vaudeville trot, which might be useful when he's considering careers. "I'm Goofy!" he shouts, and he certainly is.

What makes the Goofy era particularly, well, goofy, is that he's doing this everywhere. Restaurants. Grocery stores. Anywhere. Everywhere. Today in Little Gym, they were running through this course, and when he did the Goofy fall he started a chain reaction wreck that belonged on a freeway at rush hour. He also refused to do any of his little exercises in class unless his teachers called him "Goofy"--which, of course, they did.

Forget the fire engine. I expect him to ask for long ears and big shoes for Christmas.

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