Thursday, December 09, 2004

Having to Listen to You Talk About Your Genital Herpes is a Hassle

I saw a commercial last night that featured a woman saying "Having to live with genital herpes can be a hassle."

This is also the year of the disgusting mascot. For some inexplicable reason, drug companies have decided that having cartoon characters and mascots for these really nasty diseases is a great idea. Last night I saw the mucus mascot. He's chubby and green, oozes, and Mucinex apparently makes him leave your cartoon throat/stomach/whatever. I'm just waiting for a buxom Sofia Snot to make an appearance during a commercial break. That should be any day now.

There's an intestinal parasite mascot, too, but I've forgotten his name. Thankfully.

How do these ideas get pitched, anyway? I can see some twenty-something marketing guy in a conference room, assuming the posture of a sumo wrestler getting ready to grapple as he stiffly hops back and forth, shouting "I'm Marvin the Mucus mascot!"

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