Friday, December 17, 2004

Mainstream Press Picks up EA/NFL Story

Look here (thanks Evil Avatar):,0,2408532.story?coll=ny-business-headlines.

Here are some excerpts:
Last year, there were at least a half-dozen NFL-themed video games on the market. Next year, expect there to be just a couple.Days after video-game maker Electronic Arts signed a five-year deal with the National Football League that gives it exclusive access to the league's brands, stadiums and players, backlash against the arrangement has swelled, with the California-based company taking a beating in Internet newsgroups and the video-game press.

'Taking a beating.' That has a nice ring to it.

Here's another interesting piece of information:
In its 15-year history, EA said the Madden NFL series has sold more than 42 million copies. This year's version has sold about 2.7 million units through November, compared with about 2.1 million of the ESPN-branded game, according to market researcher the NPD Group in Port Washington.

So last year it was a 10-1 margin in Madden's favor, and this year it's 7-5? That might be the biggest one-year market share grab in gaming history.

The petition is now nearing 13,000 signatures. The rate of additional signatures being added has dropped way off, though, so 15,000 is probably going to be close to a final number. Pretty impressive, but still well under the point where I think the press or industry analysts would take notice.

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