Wednesday, December 15, 2004

A Note About the Petition

I got a few e-mails from people asking about the petition (and a ton from people who said they've signed it--thanks). Here's the dream scenario:
1. 20,000 plus gamers sign this petition. Almost 9,000 already have--in one day--so I think this number can definitely be reached.
2. Gamespot, IGN, etc.--the corporate gaming sites--pick up on the news and post a few articles: "That's a huge respone for a petition and definitely indicates how much anger is out there in the gaming community about the licensing deal."
3. The video game industry analysts--who only read the corporate sites and spend the rest of their day trying to understand video games without actually playing them--see the posts on IGN and Gamespot.
4. The analysts then make a few dramatic quotes about a possible consumer backlash against the licensing deal and how it could affect EA's profits--and their stock price. "EA's excessive payment for the license, combined with a possible consumer backlash as already seen in a petition with the signatures of 20,000 gamers, makes it appear that EA may have stumbled. This could potentially affect unit sales and thus profits for future quarters."
5. EA's stock price goes down in reaction to the quotes from the analysts.
6. EA shits its pants.
7. Merry Christmas for everyone!

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