Sunday, December 12, 2004

My Wife--Appearing Every Night This Week

We went out to dinner at a nice little restaurant called Xen on Saturday night (if you live in Austin, it's next to the Kerbey Lane on 35th street).

Verbatim transcript of the conversation on the way home. Names of friends we mentioned changed to protect the guilty.

Me: That was a really nice restaurant. We should go back sometime.
Gloria: We should ask John and Sara.
Me: No way--not with those low ceilings. John's a constant loud talker. We'd have people staring at us the whole time. We need to ask them out to warehouse restaurants, with high ceilings for audio dispersal.
Gloria: Did you say you taped something for us to watch?
Me: Yeah. It was Mystic River--or Cold Mountain, I can't remember which. Adjective, geographical feature. Plus they were almost exactly the same movie.
Gloria: Yes, except one was set in the Civil War and one was present day.
Me: Okay, except for the hundred and forty years, they were the same movie.
Gloria: And one is about a soldier who went to the Civil War while the other is about a man whose daughter was killed.
Me: Like I said--almost identical.

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