Thursday, December 09, 2004


I have a subscription to GamePro. I didn't pay for it. I can only assume that it was some kind of cruel prank.

Regardless, since it clogs my mailbox, I read it. As I'm flipping through the reviews section, I start noticing the names on the bylines--Vicious Sid, Test Monkey, Major Mike, Brother Buzz, Fart of War, Funky Zealot. I assume these rad, shiznit names are attached to the names of real human beings somewhere near the front of the magazine.

No. The real person gets no credit, only their handle. Maybe it's just me, but reading reviews by Pants Crapper, HighQ, and Trouser Trout doesn't really inspire any confidence in their judgment. About anything. And how hard is GamePro trying to eliminate the identity of their writers when we can't even find out their real names? If five guys leave one month, no problem. Just slap wacky handles on a new bunch of strangers.

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