Thursday, December 09, 2004

What the Hell?

There's a country called Transdniestria (the Transdniestria Republic, actually).

Did any of you know that? Do these things pop up once a day now?

It declared its independence after a 'brief war' in 1993. I can only assume that the 'brief war' involved two drunken border guards and a flare gun.

I'm sure you're breathlessly wondering where this country is located. It's the eastern sliver of Moldova. Just north of Fredonia.

These fingernail-sized countries are really missing out. Why name your country 'Transdniestria' when you could name it Coca-Cola or The Quizno's Republic? Sell the naming rights, just like a sports stadium. Besides, combining a toasted sandwich and worker solidarity in a logo would be merchandising dynamite.

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