Friday, December 10, 2004


We just bought a Disney Christmas DVD for Eli 3.4 to feed the Goofy obsession, and it has a feature called "FastPlay." When the DVD is accessed, you're given two options--"FastPlay" or "Main Menu." To all the normal people in the world, "FastPlay" would seem to indicate the option that would take you directly to the main feature and skip all the preview crap that is jammed onto children's DVD's in unbearable quantities.

You'd be wrong, though.

What "FastPlay" actually does is play everything on the disc, and the first thing you get to see are, of course, previews. Choosing "Main Menu" takes you to the menu for the main program. Amazing.

It could be worse, though. One of the favorite annoying practices of kid's DVD's is to disable the ability to access the main menu while the previews are playing. You can fast forward through them, but they can't be skipped. Losers.

By the way, the DVD is "Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas," and it's quite good. So if you're looking for a Christmas DVD for your 3-6 year old, this one is entertaining and it looks absolutely fantastic--done with digital animation and vaguely 'Pixar-like.'

Just ignore the FastPlay crap.

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