Sunday, January 23, 2005

Okay, It's Not Haiku

Here's another set of your four words. Again, they're in no particular order, and some of them are quite thought-provoking. Thanks to Nathan Carpenter, a four-word comic genius, for the post title.

Everything serves a purpose.
People are basically good.
Profits always trump revenues.

It could be worse.
How does that work?
Life is not fair.
Optimism Struggling Against Experience
This, too, shall pass.
There is only now.
Always talk to strangers.
You're *ucking kidding me!
Sleep, waste of life!
Oh God, what now?
Is everyone happy now?
Good until proven bad.
We save their asses.
Life is a bitch.
Appreciate what you have.
Nothing is yours forever.
I always win. Always.
Can it be deep-fried?
You have no idea.
There's good in everybody.
It could be worse.
I believe in magic.
Never ask for permission.
The world is complex.
Prove it to me.
Another beer here please.
Never too much data.

Faith. Hope. Quality booze.
Finding my own way.

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