Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Things You Never Thought You'd Have to Say #32

This is a story from when Eli was potty-training that I found today when I started trying to sort through the scraps of paper that are the source of this column. Sometimes they get lost for a while, like this one.

When Eli first started potty-training, he had what's called a starter potty, which is just a little seat with a bucket attached underneath. It's less intimidating than using the regular toilet.

After watching us pour pee from the container into the toilet, Eli decided that he wanted to own that part of the process, so he demanded to do it himself. One day I forgot and emptied the pee into the toilet, whereupon he started throwing this amazing fit, almost hysterical. I looked at him and said "There are things that are worth getting upset about--if someone you know gets hurt, or if you get hurt. But pouring out your pee from the potty seat into the big toilet is not on that list."

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