Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Brothers In Arms

I've had detailed impressions of several games in the last week. I planned to also write about Brothers in Arms, and I've spent nearly five hours with the game, but there won't be any extended impressions.

It's not the game, necessarily. The ability to controlt he movements of your squad through a thoughtful interface is nifty, and the framing of the missions is done very well. It's just that the FPS WWII genre is so beyond stale for me at this point that I can't face going through another game. Even with the nice touches offered by Brothers in Arms, I was bored senseless in no time. I don't think I'll be playing another Medal of Assault Brothers game anytime soon.

In truth, the most intense experiences I had in a war game were with Vietcong. Yes, not a WWII game, but it shared many of the same basic play mechanics. Having said that, Vietcong was so deeply flawed that I never even finished it, but there were some unbelievably fine moments. Other than that, though, my enjoyment of this genre peaked with the first game I played--Medal of Honor, in spite of it having the worst ending I've ever seen--and has gone steadily downhill since.

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