Thursday, July 14, 2005


First off, thanks to Kotaku for a link to the "A Few Good Men" machinima. It uses the soundtrack of the courtroom scene in the movie of the same name, but places the scene inside the Half-Life 2 world. The lip-synching, thanks to the super-duper-sync-thingie in Half-Life 2, is outstanding, and it gives you an idea of what kinds of films could be made with computer game engines now.

Here's a link:

I've said this before, but machinima is going to be huge. Within the next two to three years, someone is going to release a machinima film that is going to set off a frenzy.

I'd really like to see Gordon Freeman starring in a documentary on "the making" of Half-Life 2, talking about choosing locations and funny little things that happened during "filming." Then again, I'm crazy.

The second link is to Elysium's article titled "The Retail Game." Part Two is now available here:

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