Thursday, September 29, 2005


Eli 4.1 likes to do scenes on a daily basis.

"Scenes" are dramatic presentations where he assembles some of his 50,000 toys in one area and begins earnestly narrating events as they unfold. Cross-genre drama is his specialty--a T-Rex attacking Buzz Lightyear, for example, or Dora the Explorer joining The Rescue Heroes.

What makes these narrations funny is that he's very aware of continuity errors, and will try to come up with a seemingly plausible explanation for all of them as he tells the rest of the story. What usually results is a rambling five-minute soliloquy that seems to be all one sentence, like listening to a reading of Faulkner with a liberal sprinkling of "toots" and "butts" added.

Yes, I'm working on obtaining an actual transcript.

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